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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

You're not a drug dealer if.....

Not content with a 'relaxation' of cannabis laws, (no pun intended!) the government have now released handy guidelines for drug dealers.

They've just been published in the national press, so I'm not letting any secrets out here!

You're not a dealer if you have.....

Heroin 7g in one bag or 10 or more 0.1g 'wraps'.
Crack Cocaine 7g in one bag or 10 or more 0.1g 'wraps'.
Cocaine 7g in one bag or 10 or more 0.1g 'wraps'.
Ecstasy 10 Tablets.
Amphetamine 14g or 10 or more 1g 'wraps'.
Cannabis Resin 4oz or 10 individual pieces, wraps or blocks.
Cannabis Leaf 20oz or more than 20 individual 2in-by-2in bags.

So if you get nicked with a larger quantity on you than the above, it's your own silly fault if you get charged with possession with intent to supply!

Alledgedly there's a suggestion that the above be printed on handy wallet sized laminated cards, so they can be easily handed out to 'scrotes' on the streets and on their release from custody.

At least we now know the government's 'with intent to supply' reduction strategy for the forth coming year - At some point in 2006 there'll be an announcement that drug supply arrests have been drastically reduced and we're finally winning the war on drugs!


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