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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Sir Ian Blair

I've just read a very interesting article written by Melanie Phillips on Sir Ian Blair's Dimbleby Lecture, in which she says the underlying message of his address seemed to be:

‘Help, I haven’t got a clue what the police are supposed to be doing, and if anyone out there has got any bright ideas then for Pete’s sake will they please tell me!’

The article ran in the Daily Mail on the 18th of November 2005.

The article is definitely worth a read and I've added Melanie Phillips' web blog to my bookmarks. If you have a few minutes spare check out her site out by clicking here.

A serving Met Police Inspector replied direct to Melanie Phillips in response to her article, Melanie descriped this response as a deeply alarming 'cri de coeur'.

Being a bit of a 'thickie' I had to look up the meaning of cri de coeur! According to the Hutchinson Encyclopaedia it means a 'cry of heart'; deeply-felt, passionate request or complaint.

If you'd like to read this 'cry of the heart' please click here. Don't read it however if you don't want a blunt, honest, grass root view of the Met Police's management!


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